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The Forefront of Space Development

Contributing to Ad Astra, the NSS's premier publication, is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of space development. Researching and interviewing key figures in the space field allows me and my readers to vicariously participate in this great adventure. The next few years promise to be the most exciting since the Apollo era.
-John Kross, M.D.

Encouraging Discussion and Investigation

I enjoy the freedom I have writing for Ad Astra. The editorial staff’s interests encompass space history, space advocacy, diversity within the community, and space settlement - broad, essential areas that encourage and invite much discussion and investigation. I hope to write for Ad Astra well past the first boots on Mars!
-Emily Carney- Author/Creator of Space Hipsters

Space Is For Everyone

The Kepler Space Institute recently re-discovered Ad Astra, the quarterly magazine of the National Space Society. We were delighted to see insightful articles that reflect the current state of the growing space industry and the support systems that enable the privatization of space development. Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and scholars are all represented in the lavishly illustrated pages, and it is illuminating to get to know them better. The message of the magazine—and the NSS—is clear: space is for everyone. Humanity's most important undertaking is thoughtfully reflected through the articles—crafted by some of the finest writers in the industry—and the powerful efforts moving us ahead in this great adventure that are covered in Ad Astra (and nowhere else are they covered this powerfully) keep us coming back for more.
-Rhonda Stevenson- Kepler Space Institute

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